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Smart Communities

​​Smart Communities VA – Program Overview | Building on the work of the Virginia Smart Communities Working Group and related efforts, Virginia now has a Smart Communities State Action Plan. The plan calls for pilot projects to begin the process of building capacity and expertise around the Commonwealth, and these pilots are now under way. The pilots rely on “community-driven innovation” to identify topics relevant to each community, and include a technology partner and support to initiate “agreed upon priorities.”

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Virtual Conference Room |

Workshop Series

We invite you to join us in this “first of a kind” for VIPC Virtual Conference Room. Click on the graphic to listen to our workshop series on Smart Communities in Virginia, check out our sponsors, and explore the future of Smart Technology.

Department of Homeland

Security (DHS) - Flood Sensor

Project Overview 2021

As an offshoot of the SCITI Labs program, VIPC SMART is now deploying 66 of the flood sensors featured in this video below throughout Virginia. We are working with state agencies, including the Department of Natural Resources and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, to make this a sustainable statewide flood sensor network.

The sensor network and the data it produces will help better characterize coastal inundation due to climate change, better predict the exact timing and location of flood events on rivers throughout the Commonwealth. It will also help better understand homeowners’ risk in flood plains with more accurate updated models than those currently available.

Smart City Works Business Actuator | Smart City Works (SCW) is the world’s first business actuator and a premier business accelerator for improving livability and resilience in cities. SCW’s unique focus on the built environment aims to dramatically change the way we design, build, and operate civil infrastructure.

Smart City Works Opens Applications for Fall 2020 Cohort

Smart City Council 2018 Readiness Grant | Virginia was selected as a recipient of a Smart Cities Council 2018 Readiness Challenge Grant to build a framework for its multiple initiatives, including expanding broadband throughout the state; adopting interoperability standards; setting out a cybersecurity and privacy plan; and creating sustainable funding for smart projects. The grant program sought applications from across North America and selected communities that are looking to apply new smart technologies to improve community livability, workability, sustainability, and resilience.

Governor Northam Announces Virginia as Recipient of Smart Cities Grant​
Smart City Council Announces 2018 Readniess Grant Winners
Fairfax County draws an innovative future that will deliver for generations to come

Smart City IoT Innovation (SCITI)

Smart City IoT Innovation (SCITI – pronounced ‘CITY’) is a solutions innovation lab for Sensors, Platforms and Control Systems in smart communities created in collaboration between the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology  Directorate, VIPC, TechNexus and Smart City Works.

Our Mission

​Collaboratively develop solutions designed to support First Responders and DHS components in operational environments, by providing technologies with market access and aligning those technologies with larger related opportunities in broader industries.


We are actively looking for innovators developing technology directly aligned with the mission of DHS components and/or are in related industries (e.g. Smart Cities).

Innovator Collaboration

SCITI Labs brings together entrepreneurs, industry partners, technologists, investors, and public sector influencers working in concert to actively advance breakthrough solutions. Selected innovators will be eligible to receive funding for prototyping.

Prototype Testing

Solutions selected for the SCITI Labs program are evaluated on their ability meet the core technology requirements (provided by DHS), but also by their application and commercial viability in adjacent markets.


A final group of innovators will be selected to receive funding and work hands-on with first responders or other domain experts and technology experts to define and accelerate their path-to-market with government and corporate partners.