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VIPC invests capital, time, and resources in developing the Cybersecurity industry in the Commonwealth. We continue to proactively build and support the Women in Cyber community across the nation.


VIPC launched Mach37

An accelerator program for Cybersecurity companies. Mach37™ is nowwholly-owned and operated by VentureScope™.

​MACH37 | is an American seed accelerator and began as a division of the  Virginia-based Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation. MACH37 focuses primarily on providing emerging companies in the cyber security  industry with access to investment capital and an immediate customer base.

Cybersecurity Podcast -


Jennifer O’Daniel co-hosted a popular Cybersecurity

Podcast – Securiosity

Scoop News Group launched Securiosity, a podcast about cybersecurity, featuring Co-Hosts Greg Otto, Editor-in-Chief of CyberScoop, and Jennifer O’Daniel, Investment Director of GAP Funds and MACH37.”Securiosity enabled Jen O’Daniel and Greg Otto to share insights from the vast network that GAP Funds and MACH37 had created with over 140 CEOs and CTOs of cybersecurity portfolio companies, as well as MACH37’s 200+ mentor network of CISOs and cybersecurity experts. The program spent each week answering questions on the latest in security and privacy news.
They also talked to leaders in both the public and private sector on how they viewed the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Policy, research, venture capital…they examined it all.